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Muso Triple-27

The award-winning Muso Triple-27 is a unique video slot cabinet that creates a stunning light display with its LED backlighting that gives a 360-degree presence on the casino floor. LED lighting continues behind the monitors and the edges along the three stacked 27-inch monitors. Thoughtful design continues along the Muso’s large glass-table button deck with a 13.3-inch LCD touchscreen interface, keeping player comfort in mind as well as innovation.

    Cube-X Vertical

    Setting a new standard with a powerful operating system, the days of a simple slot machine are no more.  Displayed on a beautiful 42-inch HD monitor with an incredible sound system, the player is sure to be immersed with each bet.

    Key Features

    • High-performance touch panels enable characters in bonus games to move smoothly offering the most realistic play experience
    • 23-inch customized topper with LED effects to compliment the cabinet lighting
    • New data compression technology provides smoother gaming

    Cube-X Video

    Cube-X Video starts with dual large 24” high-definition monitor, a Liquid Crystal Display topper and button panel.  A next-generation processor board and an operating system will provide the power and capability to accommodate innovative game features for years to come. Key Features
        • Innovative base game & bonus game animations/reel actions
        • Equipped with vibrant photo-realistic color, latest 3-D graphics technology, customized sound and music

    Muso Curve-43

    A cutting-edge video slot cabinet that carries a vertical presentation with a 43-inch J-style curved LCD monitor.

    Key Features

    • Using 500 Candela (luminous intensity) on a vertical 43-inch J-style curved LCD monitor creating a brighter display
    • Bass-reflex technology utilizing a powerful bass module that delivers superior sound and clarity
    • Equipped with Qi standard wireless charger and USB charging port
    • Expansive button deck glass table with a 13.3-inch LCD screen

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      A Leader In The Industry 

      We have put more industry leading games in more casino’s in Central and South America than any other Casino Game Distributor. Our team is dedicate to the success and smooth operations of our clients establishments while providing industry leading products to ensure the unrivalled enjoyment, entertainment and retention of their players.

      Recent Installations

      Gran Palacio Casino in Mexico

      MEXZA Technology installs the first 24 Aruze Cube X product in the NEW "Gran Palacio Casino" in Monterrey in June 2019

      Red Casino in Mexico

      MEXZA Technology installs the first 10 Aruze Cube X product into the RED CASINO Monterrey, followed by installations in the Cancun and Juarez locations.

      This Foliatti Casino in Mexico

      MEXZA Technology installs the 1st ARUZE Cube X product into Foliatti Mitras and Foliatti Diamante, and soon in Foliatti Allende.

      Golden Lion Casino in Mexico

      MEXZA Technology installs the 1st ARUZE Cube X product in to the Golden Lion Location in multiple location across the country including the Casino Revolucion, Monterrey.

      Grupo Euromex Casinos in Mexico

      MEXZA Technology continues to install more machines with the Grupo Euromex across the country in Casino Astoria, Casino Malibu, Playwin Casino, Gran Circus with success.

      Grand Hyatt Casino in Aruba.

      MEXZA Technology installs the first MUSO Triple 27 product in the Grand Hyatt Casino in Aruba.

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